Green Eggs!

Some of these eggs really are green!

Indian Cucumbers

Indian Cucumbers

Today was our second week of picking up our CSA from the lovely folks at Koch Ranches. After last week’s monster cantaloupe that weighed in at 6 pounds, I thought I was ready for anything. I have to say, however, that when I got my eggs home and opened them up I just sort of stared blankly at them for a moment. The photo above is pretty darn accurate. There’s two eggs in the dozen that are a pretty pastel mint green. I’ve had farm fresh eggs before – my cousins own a ranch and I used to spend summers there, so I’m used to the intensely bright yellow yolks. They even had one chicken that regularly laid double yolk eggs. But green? That’s a new one on me. I’m still waiting to hear from Cheryl as to what kind of chicken they are, but I suspect they’ll fall under the “Easter Egger” label. Green eggs, who knew?
We also got some Indian Cucumbers that are a brilliant gold color. I have no idea what they’ll taste like, but they sure are pretty. I’ve never been a huge fan of cucumbers but I have to admit, it’s different enough to tempt me to do something other than make it into pickles.

Oh, and those round things in the back left corner? Those are zucchini. “What? Zucchini are long, not round!” You say? Au contraire! These are 8-ball Zucchini. This is news to me, although it seems they’ve been for awhile. I can tell you that these are NOT the “tennis ball size” that I keep seeing references too. Once again, welcome to Texas – even our squash is bigger here. You can see them better on the left side of the photo below.

CSA Produce for 7/16/2011

CSA Produce for 7/16/2011

We got lots in our package this week! We got a package of pork chops and a coil of Alsatian sausage (which I’ve never heard of, but is reportedly like a Polish sausage with coriander in it) and of course, those farm fresh eggs. The photo above is, again, just SOME of our produce. We got a bag of onions, a bag of okra, and a bag of jalapeƱos. Those jalapeƱos are out on the grill smoking to become chipotles right now, along with some smoked almonds. There was, of course, more crookneck, though this week it’s all smaller, and more pattypan. No eggplant or watermelon this week. There’s also baby beets, fresh basil and vine-ripe tomatoes (one of which is bright orange rather than your usual red). I smell marinara!

We did get another cantaloupe, too. This one actually came from one of the Koch’s friends over at My Father’s Farm in Seguin. I have to admit, this place sounds really cool! They’re part of a program that “focused on building orphanages equipped with schools and organic self-sufficient farms in Latin America” – so I get an extra bit of feel-good with my produce this week.

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  1. SulaBlue says:

    Update: The chickens are “Americanas” which can also be referenced with the “Easter Egger” link above.

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